Stockholm 1912

The Olympic family

In the course of the young IOC history there was a large fluctuation of members, almost the half of them have already turned their backs onto the family; but one more or less involuntarily. The Argentinean Manuel Quintana jr has not stood up for the Olympic movement, but only promoted himself, according to the Briton Sir Howard Vincent (IOC member 1901 to 1907), his behaviour during the games in London has not been Olympic so that in 1910 he was excluded from the International Olympic Committee based on the violation of the rules of the Olympic movement.
On the other side, again and again strong notabilities succeeded who have rendered outstanding services to the Olympic family and the structure of the IOC. Amongst others the Swede Lord Clarence von Rosen has to be named, who has provided for clear circumstances mainly within the equestrian and in 1921 established the International Equestrian Federation FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale). Or even Henri Lord de Baillet-Latour who became Coubertin's successor.
The question of amateures was taken up again but not cleared; apart from the fact that Coubertin did not take stock in this subject matter.