Paris 1900

First-time medallists

Nine nations have got by for the first time, to occupy at least one of the first three places as long as it is possible to call these nations with respect to the difficulties keeping an account of the results in 1900. From these newbies Belgium achieved the most first places and got by rank four in the medal tally whereas the archer Hubert van Innis was the most successful Belgian with two first places and one second place. Due to the fencer Antonio Conte and the equestrian Gian Giorgio Trissino Italy became ninth with two first and two second places. Behind the Netherlands followed by the successful coxed pair in rowing. As first Caribbean nation Cuba independent firstly one year before won one Olympic event by the fencer Ramon Fonst Segundo. Canada has also won an event by the athlete Georg Orton and Sweden together with Denmark the tug-of-war. Norway achieved twice the second place in shoting. In athletics Norman Pritchard provided two second places for his home country India, whereas Bohemia only still existed until the World War I achieved amongst others a second place by the discus thrower Frantisek Janda-Suk.