Athens 1906

Olympic symbolism

Even if that intercalated games of Athens have not got any numeration, so they set up modern elements maintained until now. The first important element is the parade of nations in the course of the opening ceremony with the national flags of each country and the appearance of the sportsmen in their team clothes. The best three of each event were awarded now with the Olympic medals in the order gold (resp. with gold covered silver medals), silver and bronze, similary to these of 1896, only with the actual year. Even though the quarters were modest, the Zappeion in which the athletes has housed can be seen as approach of an Olympic "village".

There has been made attempts to recognize these games officially on the part of the IOC, but the IOC member Dr. Ferenc Mez÷ failed in the middle of the 20th century to revise the status, too. However, that does not change the fact that these games have revived the Olympic movement and the Olympic idea that was just tried to be formulated on the session in Brussels in 1905.