Athens 1896

First-time medallists

The first medal winner of the modern Olympic Games was the American James Connolly who has won the triple jump competition. The US athletes got totally eleven first places and pushed themselves on top of the medal tally followed by Greece that could hold ten silver medals. The most known Greek is the marathon runner Spyridon Louis. The Germans whose discussion about a Olympic participation was first excited by Dr. Willibald Gebhardt, who is considered as the originator of the Olympic movement in Germany, achieved the third position with seven won events. But they had to be abused as traitors because they have conduced to a "French inspired issue". The cyclist Paul Masson has pushed his and Coubertin's home country France to position four, behind it Great Britain/ Ireland with three, Hungary, Austria and Australia with every two silver medals followed. Ireland has first become independent from the United Kingdom in 1918 so that the Irish John Boland has won the singles tennis tournament and together with the German Friedrich Traun the doubles for Great Britain. Both Hungary, successful by the great swimmer Alfred Hajos, and Austria that owes its silver medals to Adolf Schmal in cycling and Paul Neumann in swimming, had belong to the k.u.k. Dual Monarchy Austria-Hungary On the last both positions were Denmark successful by Viggo Jensen in weightlifting, and Switzerland, whose three medals were only awarded to Louis Zutter.