Athens 1896

The development of sports

Rope climbing
Rope climbing -
not competed today any more

During the session in 1894 the following sports have been devised: athletics, fencing, swimming and gymnastics are from the very first part of the programme of the modern Olympic Games. Additionally, cycling, shooting and wrestling (at first only the Graeco-Roman style, based on the ancient style) have presented their debut in 1896, too. Boxing has been rescheduled, and figure skating, which one together with gymnasts and scullers had the only international sports federations at that point of time, has also not been a matter of discussion. That sport was first introduced in 1908, afterwards it has always been a part of the winter games since 1924. Weightlifting has also been included, entirely according as the ancient ideal. Ball games were desirable, but no one has been devised. But shortly before they have agreed upon Tennis. The events programme has been completed by rowing, but the seven events have been cancelled because of the stormy sea in the bay of Phaleron where the events should take place. #