Athens 1896

Olympic Symbolism

In the beginnings some features which are naturally associated with the Olympic Games were still missing, either the torch relay, the opening ceremony together with the parade of nations or awarding the three best athletes in one event by medals. The torch relay was carried out the first time for the games of Amsterdam. On 6 April 1896 an opening ceremony has indeed taken place in the Panathenaeic Stadium under King George I., but only the royal family has marched in. The medals order gold-silver-bronze exists even since 1904; in the first games the best athlete achieved a silver medal plus possibly cups and prices (in individual events), the second a coppery medal. Gold was still applied as base metal. The successful gymnastic squads achieved an Olympic diploma. The here provided "medal tally" is only a medal count for nations about the best three athletes. An official poster or emblem as they are created for today's games has not existed, the title page of the official report, published by Karl-Beck publishing company Athens, is misleadingly accepted as such an official poster.